New Trend Alert on This Carven x Michael Wolf Tee

by The Crosby Press
tagged fashion, menswear, tees, carven, collaboration

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Carven Tee 7 1 New Trend Alert on This Carven x Michael Wolf Tee
Parisien label Carven is usually known for using bold graphics, but if you’re not ready to get up in the world’s face with the brand’s signature antlers, this subtle t-shirt option is probably for you.

Designed in collaboration with artist Michael Wolf, the tee is plain enough from the torso down, but carry your eyes further south [editor's note: #pause?]  and you’ll find the real reason we’re writing about this shirt — a gated hem with Wolf’s print inspired by his Transparent City series.

Gated hems are the future of streetwear/menswear/whatever-the-f**k-you-wanna-what=we’re-wearing-now, and we’re calling this trend now. THIS IS A GATED HEM TEE SHIRT PLEASE GET THE F**K OFF THE PROPERTY.

It’s available now at the Hypebeast store. $264 USD

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