Medwinds 100% Recycled Driftwood Sunglasses

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A couple of weeks ago I was meandering around a place called Bungalow in Toronto’s Kensington Market where I came across an adhesive cover for the iPhone 4.

‘It’s made entirely from real wood,’ the lady said from behind the service counter.

‘No way!’ I said. ‘I’ll take it.’


Never one for cases of any sort, I’ve since ripped the thing off using a butter knife I found in my office kitchen. This story has little to nothing to do with these sunglasses other than the fact that they’re made from wood. Through varying circumstances (several friends turning vegan, my own failure at doing the same) I’ve come to be more vigilant of what I’m purchasing and the impact my buying habits are having on the world-at-large. So words like ‘recycled’ are becoming more prevalent as days go by.


I’ve made it a mission to only buy used unless necessary and purchase more scarcely as a general rule of thumb. Enter these recycled sunglasses via Medwind. They’re apparently handcrafted from recused driftwood courtesy of various Mediterranean beaches and come with the embodied satisfaction that your eyewear has probably been more places than you.

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