In Singapore, we have hot summer weather throughout the year, which, for most people, is the most commonly cited excuse for cutting slack with their dressing. I am not going into a long discussion about that topic, and why guys should be making more effort to dress up – these guys wouldn’t be reading this blog anyway.

With it comes to ‘summer’ dressing, there are lots of choices and instead of going heavy on materials and layering, I would go for lighter materials such as this linen jacket and blue chinos from Marks and Spencer, pairing it with a retro printed shirt and not forgetting to add a white pocket square for that extra detail on the jacket. To add an additional touch of fun and querkiness (something I like to do to my outfits), I put on a pair of bright blue polka dot lace-up shoes I bought from my recent trip in Bangkok.

Summer dressing should all be about fun and don’t be afraid to break some rules and stray from the norm.


  • Linen jacket: Blue Harbour by Marks and Spencer
  • Pocket Square: H&M
  • Blue chino: North Coast by Marks and Spencer
  • Bomber plane printed shirt: Jaspal, Bangkok
  • Blue polka-dot shoes: Mr Tango, Bangkok
  • Document briefcase: A Svbscription collector bag by La Portegna

Photography by Garbagelasap

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